Dental crowns effectively repair damaged or decayed teeth to prevent their condition from worsening. Our Halifax dentists are committed to restoring your smile and protecting your teeth.

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What are dental crowns?

Dental crowns (also called dental caps) protect your teeth and fully cover a damaged or decayed tooth to prevent further issues. Crowns can restore the appearance and function of your teeth.  At Spryfield Dentistry, our dentists can use a dental crown to repair most major tooth damage. 

Crowns are constructed from a variety of long-lasting materials, including ceramic, porcelain, and metal. They blend in with the natural colour and shape of your teeth, and are just as functional and strong as your natural pearly whites. When properly maintained and cared for, they can endure more than 10 years of use. 

When are dental crowns used?

For a tooth that is too small for a filling, a crown may be a better option. A crown might also be used to cover dental implants, protect a weak tooth, restore a broken one or to attach a dental bridge.

In addition, crowns are beneficial for aesthetic purposes, such as covering discoloured, crooked or worn teeth. 

Dental Crowns, Halifax Dentist

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