Children's Dentist in Halifax

Caring for Halifax Kids

The dentists and team at Spryfield Dentistry in Halifax love working with children and helping them feel comfortable during their visit. We offer dental care and treatment options tailored to their unique needs.

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Caring for Halifax Kids

Our team of dental professionals provide a comprehensive range of dental care services for children in a welcoming, friendly and supportive environment. When a child comes to see us, we always make the effort to ensure they feel comfortable during their appointment, and we work at their pace during treatment. 

Good oral care habits start in childhood. Our goal is always to create positive early dental experiences. We have years of experience in helping our young patients enjoy visiting the dentist, establishing good oral care habits, and maintaining them as they grow.

We want kids to enjoy visiting the dentist in Halifax!

Giving kids positive early dental experiences can set them up for a lifetime of excellent oral care. We're committed to helping kids feel at ease from the moment they step into our dental office.

When you arrive, you'll be welcomed and invited to wait for your appointment in our kid-friendly reception area, which is filled with books and toys for kids.

While your child sits in the dentist's chair, the hygienist and dentist will discuss their dental healthcare with them using age-appropriate language, and answer any questions they may have. We are delighted to work at your child's pace, and can offer breaks if they begin to feel overwhelmed or nervous.

Children's Dental Services, Halifax Dentist

Children's Dental Care in Halifax

Children's Dental Services in Halifax

At Spryfield Dentistry, our treatment options for children include:

  • Cleanings & Checkups

    For children, regular dental checkups and cleanings are critical to maintaining oral health in their first few years. Children should see the dentist every six months to help prevent problems from deepening, and to identify and proactively treat issues that may be developing.

  • Monitoring Baby Teeth

    Children's baby (primary) teeth are vital to healthy oral development, and to overall physical health. Baby teeth help children properly chew and digest their food. They also act as guides for adult teeth as they erupt. It is recommended that a baby visits the dentist for the first time before they turn one year old. 

    Visiting the dentist regularly when your child is young will help protect their baby teeth until they are ready to fall out and be naturally replaced by adult teeth.

  • Fluoride Treatment

    This natural mineral helps prevent tooth decay. We provide fluoride treatment for children during their visits to Spryfield Dentistry. The treatment helps keep their teeth strong and resistant to decay.

  • Dental Fillings

    Sometimes, cavities can appear despite best efforts to practice good dental hygiene. Preserving tooth health is always our highest priority, so our cavity care for children is very similar to cavity care for adults. 

    Any decayed material will be removed from baby teeth and filled by the dentist to preserve your child's oral health.  Learn More

  • Dental Sealants

    Molars and premolars are covered with dental sealants (coatings) to help protect them from developing cavities. The deep fissures in these teeth often make them difficult for children to clean with regular brushing. Sealants can help seal off these fissures, preventing bacteria and plaque from building up inside them. 

  • Early Orthodontic Treatment

    The dentist will inspect your child's growing smile at each appointment for any sign of growing misalignments. If an issue is identified early enough, early orthodontic intervention can be taken to prevent it from worsening. As a result, you and your child may be able to avoid the expense and time involved in more invasive orthodontic treatment when they are older.

  • Oral Hygiene Guidance

    The dentist or hygienist will explain proper oral hygiene techniques with your child during each checkup to ensure that each tooth is receiving the correct care and attention at home. Brushing and flossing lessons will also be reviewed, and suggestions made for dietary advice, supplementary hygiene aids, and more.

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