Sports Mouth Guards

As an active athlete, you need to protect your teeth from injuries during sports activities. Our dentists at Spryfield Dentistry in Halifax can help by fitting you with a custom sports mouth guard.

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What is a mouth guard?

A mouth guard is a custom-made protective device that fits over your teeth. It can be worn during sports to protect from trauma or at night to prevent teeth grinding (known as bruxism) and Jaw Muscle Dysfunction (TMJ Disorder). 

Sports Mouth Guards

Sports provide hours of fun and physical activity that's vitally important to maintaining a healthy body, but any high-impact activity also carries risk. 

At Spryfield Dentistry, we want you to enjoy your time on the soccer or football field without worrying about damage to your mouth or teeth from coming into contact with another person or object. That's why we recommend wearing a sports mouth guard while playing any sport that puts your jaw, mouth or teeth at risk of injuries such as cut gums or fractured teeth.

A custom-made sports guard acts as a barrier between your teeth and anything that might cause harm.

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