Night Guards

If you have issues with teeth grinding while you sleep, our dentists at Spryfield Dentistry in Halifax can fit you for a custom night mouth guard that will preserve your smile for years to come.

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Bruxism (Grinding or Clenching Teeth)

Night mouth guards can help patients who suffer from the symptoms of teeth grinding or clenching while they sleep.

Over time, this grinding and/or clenching (also known as bruxism) can harm both your upper and lower teeth, and cause jaw pain.

How Night Guards Can Help

For patients who have bruxism, a night guard acts as a buffer, preventing contact and the resulting damage.

Patients who wake up with painful jaws in the morning as a result of jaw clenching or TMJ Disorder can find relief by wearing a night guard, which helps protect your teeth as you sleep and eases the symptoms of teeth grinding.

Your dentist can fit you with a custom-made night guard. During a dental appointment, your dentist can take a digital scan of your teeth to ensure a snug and comfortable fit - as well as a tranquil night's rest.

Night Mouth Guards, Halifax Dentist

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