Teeth Whitening in Halifax

Show your white, healthy smile. Our Halifax dental office offers teeth whitening services that can improve the colour of your natural tooth enamel. Choose from in-office or take-home treatment options.

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What is teeth whitening?

Our dentists apply peroxide-based bleaching agents, which react with discoloured molecules to achieve the anticipated whitening effect. In-office and take-home whitening treatment options are available for your convenience. 

In-Office Whitening in Halifax

We can do professional bleaching treatments at our dental office. A custom-made tray is used to apply the whitening solution to your teeth in layers, until the desired shade of white is created. The process can typically be completed within an hour.

Take-Home Whitening in Halifax

Take-home whitening kits allow you to lighten your teeth in the comfort of your home and provide the same results over a longer period of time. The kits are available at our Halifax dental office.

Teeth Whitening, Halifax Dentist

Is teeth whitening right for me?

Some factors may contribute to discoloured surface stains that darken the colour of your teeth over time. Smoking, drinking coffee, tea or alcohol, using certain medications, and even aging can cause your teeth to stain.

If you're dissatisfied with the colour of your teeth, talk to your dentist about which teeth whitening option is right for you. 

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